Customer FAQ

Is my payment secure?

Yes - we leverage the payment platform provided by an internationally reknown e-commerce provider. We give you the option of paying with debit or credit cards or with Apple Pay.  

Am I buying from webuylocal.co.uk or from the retail partner?

When you purchase from WeBuyLOCAL we send the order and your payment to the suppliers on your behalf. Making it easier for you to order and pay across multiple business but you are buying from local suppliers.   

Who do I go to if I have an issue with my order?

In the first instance please get in touch with the retail partner for the product you have an issue with. If you fail to get a response from them and you haven't received your goods please let us know. 

How do I get a refund?

If you haven’t received goods when promised and you haven’t been able to engage the retailer please let us know and we can process a refund. If you have an issue with the quality of the goods and you have agreed with the retailer to refund the purchase price please forward us the confirmation and we can process a refund. Again we will check with the retailer just to confirm. 

Will my order be delivered in one go?

As we pass the order directly to the local business for picking, packing and shipping you may receive them in different deliveries.


Is WeBuyLOCAL a local Harpenden business?

Yes, the founders are local residents and supporting local businesses in the Harpenden and supporting areas

Why would I buy through WeBuyLOCAL?

We make it simple and easy to shop online whilst supporting local businesses that do not have an e-commerce website. We hope by making it simpler to support local businesses we can help them survive and thrive in the new normal we live in. 

Retailer FAQs

How do I sign up as a retailer?

Drop an email to hello@webuylocal.co.uk, or contact any one of the co founders, and we’ll be happy to get you signed up and started. We’d love to welcome you to the team!

    What do you need from me to get going?

    All we need from our members is confirmation that you’re happy with the terms and conditions that we provide you with, some details about you and your company and the goods you want to list, and we’re away!

    How will WeBuyLOCAL keep in contact with me?

    We will use email as the primary contact method for you. You need to ensure we always know your email address, and if it changes, then let us know. We will email orders to you when received, so your email address must be monitored and active.

    Who is responsible for payments from the consumer?

    We take payments on your behalf. We do this to make it easy for you and easier for the consumer. They can buy from multiple retailers at the same time and pay just once. Equally it is faster and more convenient to use something like apple pay online as opposed to phoning in an order. 

    How and when do I receive payment?

    We process payments instantly and the cleared funds are put into the WeBuyLOCAL account. We aggregate payments weekly and send them to your nominated bank account via BACS transfer. The amount you receive will be the amount the consumers have paid, less any refunds and less the commissions to webuyLOCAL as agreed in your terms and conditions. Each week, we will send you a summary of the orders, prices and charges made so you can account for everything. 

    How are refunds taken care of?

    Please try and resolve any issues directly with the consumer in the first instance e.g. swapping items of similar value etc. Where this isn't possible please agree to a refund with them and they can ask us to refund the transaction. We will confirm this with you so please send us the order number so we can ensure the right order is refunded. 

    How much am I charged per transaction?

    You will be charged the rate agreed in your terms and conditions.

    How am I notified of my online orders?

    We will email your nominated e-mail address with the name, address and phone number (if we receive it) of the customer along with the order number and required products and any delivery notes. 

    What should I do if I’ve received an order?

    Please ensure that you confirm the order has been received by emailing both us and the consumer.

    Once confirmation has been received you can establish direct contact with with the customer to confirm delivery dates, updates, etc

    What should I do if I cannot fulfil the order I’ve received?

    If you no longer stock a product or are not receiving any for a while, please let us know immediately so we can remove the item for sale

    If you are temporarily no longer available to fulfil an order, please let us know immediately so we can set the available quantity to 0 so that the product stays on the website but consumers are no longer able to purchase.

    If you’ve already received an order for something you cannot now provide, please agree a refund with the customer and email us to request us to process that refund. We need to know the order number and confirmed amount to process the refund on your behalf 

    What do I do about inventory?

    WeBuyLOCAL cannot currently manage your inventory, so at the point you’re no longer able to sell an item or fulfill and order, email us and we will remove it from sale on the site. If you’ve already received an order for something you cannot now provide, please follow the refund process. 

    Who maintains the relationship with the customer?

    WeBuyLOCAL will continue to engage consumers with information updates, new businesses joining the platform and any offers. Consumers can create accounts on the website to enable them to manage their consent and data preferences but also speed up their buying process. 

    You are more than welcome to establish communication with any of your customers, please note you will need consent to market to them. 

      Who sets the product prices on the website?

      You do - please note that with all e-commerce sites the best way to price things is to set a price for a given product or bundle. Doing a cost per unit is a much more fiddly experience for the customer and so think about doing bundles of products instead. 

      Please include all delivery costs etc into the cost of your product to make things easier and more transparent to the consumer. 

      What should I do if I want to add/remove or change product details on the website?

      We are working on providing self-service options however the best way is to send us an email at hello@webuylocal.co.uk with the changes you wish to make - ideally with the link to the exact products you wish to change on the website. 

      What notice do I need to give to leave WeBuyLOCAL?

      Please let us know and ideally give us 14 days to remove your product listings, finalise orders and finalise any payments / returns. 

      Who should I contact if I have an issue with WeBuyLOCAL