Our Story

WeBuyLOCAL was established amid our Covid-19 lockdown, by some friends from Harpenden who shared a purpose of doing more to support small businesses in and around the Harpenden area.

Times were tough for our local businesses. All three of us had each enjoyed using these businesses and seeing them proposer over previous years and so we felt it was time to give back.

The strength of Harpenden comes from its community spirit and support, yet the conditions made it very tricky for us all to support our local businesses. We wanted to find a new, more accessible way to reunite Harpenden shoppers with Harpenden businesses and, in doing so, to digitally re-engage and prosper our community. As such, WeBuyLOCAL was born.

Who are we?

Mark Brayton

Together with his wife, Sarah and their two young sons, Mark moved into Harpenden in 2016. 

Mark is passionate about Community spirit, having witnessed the power it can have when growing up in a small village in the Lake District. As such, Mark’s an active member of the local community, coach of the U7’s age-group at Harpenden RFC.

Mark has had a career in Marketing leadership, having spent 18 years at Barclays PLC and, more latterly, as an independent marketing consultant for a range of FinTech start-ups.

Mark B says… “If through WeBuyLOCAL we can help one more Harpenden shopper to more easily buy their favourite goods from their favourite local store, then all of our hard work will have been worth it. If we can help hundreds and then thousands of local shoppers to do the same and, in doing so, breathe life into our local business community, then our shared purpose will have been realised!” 

Adrian Smalley

Adrian and his Family have lived in Harpenden for over 10 years now.

They particularly enjoy how within Harpenden they are surrounded by great people and beautiful countryside. Adrian also loves that one of the town's defining features is the local businesses that help create a real sense of community.

Adrian works across Europe as a digital advisor and architect for a global software company and believes technology can be a genuine force for good.

Adrian says “The lockdown has put at risk the heart of local communities across the country. We all want to support our local businesses but with such busy lives and social distancing measures we also want the convenience of shopping from our phones. By launching WeBuyLOCAL I hope we can help give local businesses world class technology to connect with customers and help them survive and prosper in the future”.

Mark Haines

Mark and his wife, Fiona, have lived in Harpenden since 2012 after moving from London and starting their family. Mark loves the local area and has always been passionate about supporting local businesses and engaging with all that Harpenden has to offer, be that the Scout groups, badminton clubs or golf courses.

Mark’s background is in Operations and Technology within some of the most well-known financial services brands in the UK.

Mark H says… “There is a sense of belonging in Harpenden, never more evident than during the COVID19 pandemic. I see WeBuyLOCAL as a chance to support those independent businesses that make Harpenden's high street so unique


With over 50 years of collective experience, working for and with some of the biggest brands in the UK and beyond...